The Black Truffle, known as "Nero di Norcia" a small village in the center of Italy is consider the most preciuos black truffle in the world from a economic and culinary point of view. It has a rounded shape, the size of which may vary from those of a hazelnut to those of a large potato; its weight may even exceed one kilogram. its rind : the scientific name of the black truffle is "Tuber melanosporum" meaning "black spores."This truffle is characterized by a rough black bark dotted with small warts, and a black - purple flesh, streaked with thin white veins exposed to the air become reddish, and in cooking tend to black. The prized black truffle stands out for its delicate aroma and pleasant and distinct flavor, almost sweet, which is why it is often called "sweet black truffle."

Fresh Black Truffle of Norcia 3.5oz (100g)